5 Reasons… Wedding Menu Advice

The 5 Reasons are back!!  Whoop da whoop whoop.

Like I said yesterday in my Matthew Oliver Loves – Great Day Productions it has been a busy week hence why I haven’t created a new video for you all.

As I’m back I decided to create a new one for you as I have missed you and missed creating the videos.

To welcome back the videos, I decided to give you advice on your wedding menus, how to decide, what you need to do and some other general tips relating around this item.

Your menu for your wedding breakfast is one of the big items of your wedding (even if it’s a small intimate affair), because you want it to be perfect for everyone.   As a wedding planner we see the difficulties of menu choosing all the time, so I decided to create a little video of advice for you around this subject and to make it a little simpler.

I hope you enjoyed it?  Don’t worry I’m settled now so I won’t be leaving for a while.

If you want a subject mentioned in the 5 Reasons, please send it to matthew@matthewoliverweddings.com.  You can be a supplier, wedding couple, wedding guest or even the Queen, everyone is welcome.

Thank you for popping by and hopefully see you all very soon.

Matthew Oliver