A wedding planners photoshoot


How is everyone’s bank holiday Monday going? A chilled out end to a pretty epic weekend I hope! Me? I’m sat in our cosy little office in Bradford on Avon, watching the weather through the window trying to decide what season it is, and doing one of my favourite things, writing! What with all the planning of amazing weddings and whatnot, I don’t get to sit down and write as much as I would like. So I thought ‘hey’, with the sun shining through the falling rain, I would take my bank holiday Monday and write to you all about a little photoshoot Matthew, Winston and I did a couple of months back, with the wonderful Julie Michaelsen.

Julie contacted us a few months ago and really stood out from all the suppliers who contact us, there was no email template here, no one liner asking us to recommend her to our couples or just a solitary link to her site, no not Julie, no siree! Julie wrote a lovely message, expertly outlining what she does as a fine art photographer and who she is, clearly expressing that she wanted to get to know us and work with us, not just the brand we have created. And how did Julie propose to do this? A photo shoot! A productive way of really getting to know each other, with Julie getting to show us just how great she and her work is! Genius!

“I’d love to meet you in person but I presume you’re a busy guy so wanted to suggest instead of a coffee/ drink, something a bit more productive”

Inevitably there was the mandatory cup of tea when Julie turned up (we are British after all!), we had a really great relaxed chat and got to know each other, more importantly Julie got to meet Winston and Winston her, they were soon best friends! Julie shoots in both film and digital, which we love, just speaking with her we got from her a passion and love of being able to capture the magic of a wedding day, a love we can certainly relate to! Before long we were out on the streets and stone walled paths of Bradford on Avon. We wanted to have photos of us in one of our favourite places in the world, the place we live and work, Bradford on Avon. So without me waffling on further, take a look through the incredible film photos Julie took of my little family…

I hope you like the photos, we sure do! And Julie is now on our recommended supplier list as we love her work (please contact us or Julie if want to find out more!)

Love Bertie Xx