Wedding Tips: Planning a Wedding in Summer 2018


I think it’s fair to say it is cold… but I don’t mind as there is snow! Not a great thing for most, but since the commute to our office consists of a zebra crossing, we can’t complain AND we get to have fun in the snow, the Boss himself (Winston) has even made it a mandatory part of the working day! Can’t argue with that! Now today’s blog may be a bit at odds with the weather outside, but what better time to talk and dream about hot summer weddings, than when it’s super cold! Plus we have the very talented Abigail Golder, a guest blogger and budding journalist, giving us some fantastic tips for a summer wedding this year! There’s some great ideas in here so pay close attention!

For many people, weddings are a massive event and tons of planning is done to make sure the day flows perfectly. The summertime is the best time to host a wedding for a variety of reasons. The warm, carefree weather exudes excitement and fun. Here are tips for planning a wedding in the summer of 2018.

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Planner and a Planner

There are many resources out there that make wedding planning more convenient. One of the number one underused resources is a wedding planner. With summer approaching quickly, it’s time to finalise all the little details as soon as possible.

Wedding planning websites also make the event easier for both the couple and guests attending the wedding. Many sites, like Wedding Wire and The Knot, offer a variety of tools, including digital RSVPs that eliminate any need for obsessively check the mailbox for eight weeks. Other tools that can be found online include registry organisation, guest list, budget tracker, wedding day timeline, vendor list, and more.

International wedding planner

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Summer Attire

Apparel is one of the most important aspects of a wedding, and summer is the best season with the most options. The couple should pick a dress or suit that compliments the potential summer heat. The possibilities for choosing a dress are limitless; the bride should ensure her dress isn’t going to trap heat. This will eliminate the risk of excessive sweat throughout the ceremony and reception.

The same rules apply to the groom. There are ways to prevent overheating on your big day while still looking trendy and fashionable. One of the most popular groomsmen trends for 2018 is to choose a lighter colour suit or tuxedo jacket. This can help from absorbing too much heat from the sun.  Later in the evening, remove the jacket to reveal a colourful pair of suspenders and dance the night away knowing you still look great.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

A major benefit of hosting your wedding in the summer is the option to have the event outdoors. However, this is not without risk. Ensure the day runs smoothly by having a backup plan. Another option is to have the ceremony inside and the reception outdoors or vice versa. This will provide relief from bad weather if it should occur.

Additionally, a tip for outdoor summer weddings is ensuring there is a place for guests to cool off. This is especially important for outdoor weddings. A cool place can be an indoor restroom or lounge area, or even just a tent for shade. These details will provide comfort for you and your guests and make the event more memorable.

Major benefits of summer weddings are the flowers in season at this time. Couples will have the option to choose from some of the most remarkable flowers. Teleflora put together a collection of the flowers that are in season in the summer months; this will assist in the search for the perfect bouquets for your big day. It’s also another great time to get ahead of the 2018 floral trends.

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Spring Wedding Expos

Attending events and expos can assist your wedding planning immensely. The Romantic Travel Show hosted in Mississauga will aid the planning of your dream honeymoon. Those who attend will be shown popular romantic destinations intending to bring the couple together. There are many different events and seminars put on throughout the year.

Sunny Summer Photography

When searching for a photographer for your wedding, be sure to examine their work for photos on sunny days. Summer is a beautiful time for your wedding, however the sun and photographer don’t always work together and can result in over-exposure. Find a photographer able to work with the sun to create beautiful, artistic pictures rather than washed out subjects. It is definitely possible to take exceptional pictures in this lighting, however not every photographer has experience in this area. This is a day you will want to remember with pictures you will admire forever; find a photographer willing to work with you to ensure you will love the results.

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Hot Days and Hot Food

The menu at your wedding should compliment the summer, carefree feeling. If there is a bar at your wedding, serve frozen drinks that guests will gladly drink to be refreshed. Grilled chicken and steak will give your guests that summer vibe while staying classy and there is tons of in season produce to feature. Kabobs are a delightful way to serve the meat and veggies together.

One aspect many brides will forget is the way summer heat can damage a wedding cake. Buttercream frosting may melt and ruin your once beautiful cake. Summertime also brings bugs so it might be a good idea to put a net over the cake and other food to discourage flies.

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. Spend the entire day smiling and reminisce your beautiful summer 2018 wedding for years to come. The best events occur in the summer months and your guests are sure to enjoy themselves in the sunshine. The lighthearted vibes will spread throughout everyone at your wedding; you and your guests will love your summertime wedding.

I hear that! Thank you Abigail for your great insights! We love planning weddings throughout the summer and can’t encourage it more 🙂 so if you’re planning your wedding for this summer make sure to bear the above in mind, OR hire us and you won’t need to worry about a thing! 😉 *Just saying 😉

Have a wonderful weekend and make sure to keep an eye on the blog next week, we have something fun and a little different for you.

Love Bertie Xx