Wedding Trends Millennials Can’t Get Enough Of

When it comes to young millennials, a wedding isn’t just a celebration of love, but also an opportunity for people to express their creativity and their personal style. Stranding away from the original, traditional ways and making their wedding day more colourful, interesting and fun, millennials have come up with some pretty unique ways to personalize the process of getting married, from unique wedding bands and colourful dresses to alternative venues and exciting interactive receptions. 

Here are the biggest wedding trends millennials simply can’t get enough of, that might give you some inspiration for a truly unique and special big day:

Pastel wedding dresses

Wedding Planner – Bride

Photography by Christy D. Swanberg

Even though a white ball gown used to be the only thing brides-to-be could imagine themselves wearing while walking down the aisle, a growing percentage of young brides are opting for pastel shades and alternative silhouettes, such as romantic boho dresses or even short wedding dresses. Variations of soft, pale colours, like lavender, pink, blue, grey and beige, can all be seen among modern wedding dresses, but millennial brides don’t shy away from bold detailing, such as beautiful black lace, either, while the most popular wedding dress styles often include high necklines and ¾ sleeves. As young brides are becoming more comfortable in unconventional dresses and styles, it seems like the colours are only going to get bolder and more eye-catching in the future.

Unique jewellery pieces

France Wedding Planning – Rings

Photography by Ben Yew Photography

Redefining wedding norms as we know them, millennials have a new take on wedding rings as well. Instead of the classic wedding bands that were once considered to be the only option, young couples are now opting for beautiful dress rings to make the symbol of their love even more special and unique. But just like millennials tend to value originality, their awareness of environmental and ethical issues obliges them to opt for ethically sources jewellery pieces, such as lab-grown diamonds, over mined ones. Along with personalized wedding rings, many young brides also choose to adorn themselves with intricate body jewellery, such as shoulder necklaces paired with a sweetheart neckline, back necklaces worn with backless dresses, and even striking arm cuffs.

Rustic wedding venues

Destination Wedding Planner – Beer Bar

Photography by Hayley Savage Photography

Even though the wedding theme will always depend on personal taste and style, vintage, rustic weddings held in barns, gardens or backyards are becoming increasingly popular among millennials. These relaxed settings allow for a more informal and intimate atmosphere that doesn’t have that strict black-tie vibe, which is something this generation tends to avoid. Choosing the outdoors as the venue also significantly reduces the cost of the whole wedding, and it truly provides a beautiful backdrop for Instagram-worthy photos, both of which are big advantages for young millennial couples. From romantic lanterns and gorgeous fairy lights to fresh wildflower bouquets and natural earthy elements, rustic wedding décor ideas are truly endless, and a perfect option for a laid-back ceremony.

Themed invitations

Wedding Planners Ireland

Photography by Tobiah Tayo Photography

Instead of having a standard layout, millennials are taking their love of personalization into their wedding invitations as well, usually with a custom design that matches the theme and the overall feel of the wedding. For example, a barn wedding calls for a recycled card encircled with lace, hessian and string, while an invitation adorned with greenery is ideal for a garden wedding. A lot of modern couples appreciate a handmade touch as well, which is why many of them choose to have the names of their guests written in beautiful calligraphy on the invitations and on the name cards. The key is to keep the style consistent across all aspects of the event.

Interactive receptions

Photography by Rebecca Yale

There’s never a dull moment at a millennial’s wedding, as their receptions often involve the guests in everything from food preparation to photography. “DIY bars” are increasing in popularity, from candy bars and sushi-rolling bars to make your own cocktail and coffee bars. Guests are often invited to join a dance-off or a group video game, or even a game of giant Jenga outdoors at their leisure between courses. If the bride and groom opt for specific photo shots of the day, they often scatter disposable cameras on the tables for guests to snap pictures throughout the party, while other receptions might include a photo booth with props and dress-ups for their happy guests.

As a new generation steps into the age to tie the knot, the wedding industry is having quite a revolution – traditional receptions are becoming a thing of the past, as creative millennials are taking centre stage and bringing new ideas, as well as new demands.


By Sophia Smith