Welcome to a MO World………

Hello lovely people around the U.K. I just want to say hello and introduce myself and my new blog which will hopefully be interesting for you.

I thought it was time to start this blog as a way to express my feelings for the wedding industry which I have been apart of now for nearly 5 years (time goes extremely fast).  For those of you who don’t know me I’m Matthew Oliver and I like to plan weddings and events (gorgeous ones).  I have just set up and now want to hit the industry with what I know, love and created and to show you my journey.

I really hope you like this and feel apart of this as much as I do because not only is it such a wonderful industry where everyone is absolutely fabulous we are all putting together something special for a couples huge and most important day.

MO = Matthew Oliver for short (thought it worked well, soon there will be dancing and singing cows all around :-/joking, maybe a few will appear)

Above a few pictures of myself, just so you can see.

This is the intro to MO Blog I hope you will be excited for the next update where I will either be blogging a special someone or something I created.

Hope you like

MO Blog xxx