Where to Find Colour Inspiration for Your Wedding

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I hope you all had a great week! Can’t believe we are in July now and that we are over halfway through 2020. I know for me and probably most people 2020 is going to be a year to remember for a lot for reasons we will quite happily put to the back of our minds!

I couldn’t get enough of talking about colours and their relationship with the four seasons! So, this week I wanted to hone in on a few other areas where colour can be inspired from. Colour is so versatile and it really helps to highlight something within your planning process to draw inspiration from.


Photography by Adam Alex 

As wedding planners, the venue is an important part of any wedding and plays a HUGE part in a lot of decisions throughout the process. It’s one of the first things (once confirmed) that we take inspiration from and when it comes to colour we can draw so much inspiration from a venue. This can be from the building itself or simply a fleck in the carpet of a ballroom. Crazy!

It’s always important to consider the surroundings of the venue while styling your wedding as you want to use colours that compliment your venue to make it feel whole and not disjointed. 



Italy Wedding Planner

Still by HD Moments

Similar to the venue, you may want to draw inspiration from the country that you’re getting married in. There will always be cultural and historical references you can pull on to create a colour palette no matter what destination you choose.

Take Greece for instance, a lot of the buildings and homes there have those stunning bright blue roofs that Greece is so famous for. For Spain, I think of orange tones because of the terracotta and for Italy, well it’s full of luscious green countryside. Think about what your country of choice means to you and what association you can make to colour when you think of that country.


Personal Style

English Wedding

Photography by Ben Yew

I believe that we all have an essence of creativity within us. Whether it is a small or large amount, I think we are all capable of making creative choices. Even if someone doesn’t agree with you, remember that it is just their opinion at the end of the day and you should be able to express your creativity however and in whatever way you want! Preach!

I also like to think of this as a joint decision between the couple and more often than not the bride can usually has the final say. Sometimes, there can be a conflict of interest in terms of what each person likes and a compromise would be to see if you could combine both of your ideas.

For example, one of you might love orange and the other blue and you can find so many different tones within these colours that you could combine, so that they work as a theme. The same  works across the board when it comes to these decisions. It’s all about compromise as I said so what I would suggest is moodboard all these ideas and then fine tune them and you can progress from there. 🙂



Blue Wedding Design

Photography by 37 Frames

Now, you may be leaning towards going by the latest trends which if you haven’t got a specific colour scheme or you aren’t drawn to any in particular colour could be a good avenue for you to take. However, the thing with trends is that they come and go and what you might pick as an up to date trend in say June 2020, for a wedding in August 2021 can quickly date and be off trend. The good thing with trends is that they come in and out of fashion all the time. This means whether it’s vintage or modern, Bohemian or Scandinavian, the most important things is what you are drawn to! 


Colour of the Year

Blue Wedding Inspriration

Credit: The Design Frontier

Pantone announced its Color of the Year for 2020 as ‘Classic Blue’ at the end of last a year. A shade reminiscent of the sky at dusk. “It’s a color that anticipates what’s going to happen next,” said Laurie Pressman, the vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, who selects the Color of the Year. This is kind of ironic considering the year we have had so far and I wonder if this colour could have anticipated where we would be at this stage halfway through 2020. 

On a more positive note, Classic Blue lends itself well to weddings especially when combined with soft pastel colours and the greenery from the florals. We at Matthew Oliver have used blue quite a lot in our designs as you probably have noticed! This is because it’s a colour that goes really well with pretty much any colour scheme. We have used it in glassware or napkins as an accent colour to help elevate the table setting to a new level as it really stands out and looks so beautiful against off white linen!

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