Wild Love – Design Board

Bonjour my lovely MOers how the devil and what’s new in the hood?

Please let me know how everything is going with your wedding plans?  What are you finding difficult at the moment, what’s your biggest worry?

So following on from my last design board, titled Chili Love, I now bring you the next in the series called Wild Love!  This is a design board for one of my clients getting married in a marquee later this year in a really special place!  I’ve tweaked it a bit for you guys so the actual design for my clients is a little bit different.

Wild is the main word to describe this, but other words would be botanical, floral, colourful, meadow, country, and one I’ve thrown in… scrumptious as it’s a floral lovers heaven!  And as I’m a floral lover this is my heaven!

Basically we’re looking at going a bit crazy with the florals, and want to create a magical canopy of hanging flowers as well as big colourful arrangements dotted everywhere, and anywhere!

I really love botanical illustrations, so we’re creating all the stationary with this in mind and mixing them with tonnes of colour!  Not to mention my Mum’s favourite china set – The Portmeirion Botanic Garden, which works perfectly with this design!

Colours are a mix of wild meadow colours, mostly reds, greens, purples and blues but with some other hints thrown in the mix!  The aim is wild colour; are you seeing a theme here?

It’s just going to be a whimsical feast for your eyes!  Take a look below to see what I’m creating…

Matthew Oliver Weddings

OML (OH MY LIFE!!!!) I want that bowtie!  How cool/groovy is that bowtie?

Anyway, how wonderful is this design?  I love the colours and the whole theme.  What do you think?

As always I would like to thank the following for the inspiration…

Wedding Dress – Sarah Bank – Dulce

Botanical Cake – Nadia and Co

Floral Chair Piece – Style Me Pretty

Wild Bouquet – My Wedding 

Hand Painted Floral Menu – Naomi Chokr

Table Setting – Rock N Roll Bride

Hanging Lavender – Note to Sarah

Bow Tie – General Knot & Co

Wooden Table – Options Hire

Botanical Invite – Behance

Botanical Garden China – Macy’s

Feel free to spread this around and get everyone talking about the #wildlove!

Thank you so much for popping by and massive love to each of you.

Matthew Oliver Wedding and Events Planner xx